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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  August 4, 2013 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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the policy seems to be benefing serrich rather than our vanishing middle class. that. >> that is all the time that we have. >> if the sharks don't get you the bees will. in global warming will create bigger stores. >> patriots more whether. >> what are the risks? what is the truth? "summer myths" is our show tonight. john: it is hurricane season and i am told because of
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global warming there are more hurricanes and they are stronger. of course, we know you are supposed to put masking tape on your windows and the shape of the x to reinforce the class. most of f us understand those are facts so why to talk about those on a show of "summer myths"? it is not true says the national hurricane center. fox meteorologist maria molina says in no. i always take the windows. i hear there are more hurricanes with global warming it is worse. >> a lot of people think there are more hurricanes now they and in the past and it is false. no data to support that we have ctually seen in past years we have seen more hurricane activity. in the 18ighties there were more hurricanes making landfall you can see on the chart right there.
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logically people try to make nse of you talk about the oceans are warmer, a global warming and a hurricane needs i warmer water. john: there are countervailing forces when though water gets warmer even the experts don't understand. >> and hurricanes are a lot more complicated they and warm ocean waters. john: the property damage keeps going up because the poor people build on the coast. >> possibly and also reports of severe weather have been goinup at the same time with tordoes that another myth but also remember populatio goes up and people moved it is easier to report storms. social media hasade it much easier to share information. people of sulfone said cameras and caa take pictures to report it much easier than 50 years ago. john: second.
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take your windows. it makes sense. >> is a scary. if you put tape on your windows something hits the window typically it would shatter if you have tape it will break the window now you have a potentially larger pieces of glass flying around. john: every time a hurricane comes even your colleagues say that the people don't know that it was the letter service of regionally suggested this but they have taken aback. >> it was printed on old brochures people saw this as the official thing to do so made it conditional -- confusing to hear that originally in the hell we tell them don't do that the 70 per people currently belie this is where you should be doing. please do not put tape on your windows. stay away from the windows but what you should be doing
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during a hurricane is to be in a room with no windows and in the lower part of the home. john: someeople believe to open the window to equalize the pressure. >> no home is eric tight so that pressure will be equalized. they are so big there hundreds of miles wide it happenso7k slowly. if you open the window. >> it lets in the wind and the debris with the wind coming in will possibly pull down the walls of your home. john: animals. they act differently when the storm's approach. >> this is very interesting that a rules could instinctively know when the hurricane is approaching in there has to research done from florida that sharks actually seek deeper water when a hurricanes
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approaching. john: ashley some miss our true also of birds are sensitive to the air pressure changes them they hunker down. >> that's right. they know when it is approaching. john: hurricane katrina was the deadliest her cave in end history 1800 death. >> unfortunately it is not the deadliestin the united states the 1900 hurricane galveston in 190000, 8,000 deaths thatas category for his eldest in texas and it is heartbreaking. john: now the most controversial whether myth i am told extreme weather is gettg worse because of global warming. >> not just the raging fires and more powerful storms. john: what will wedo?
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the author of "high tide on main street" oceanograpr john englander also climatologist pat michaels from the cato institute. should i be so scared as the presidensuggests? >> it is so twentieth century. in the last tenures forecast of global warming has begun to calme down we are seeing sensitivity temperature being reduced by 40 percent with the new climate models. be old models were too hot to that is recognized. john: that is 40 percent less but if weather is worse that is a problem. >> with care hurricanes hurricanes, tornadoes, they don't show the signals they are supposed to. there is a thg about the billion dollar disters they are going up but what you have to do is take the
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edge damage and adjusted for gdp and inflation and is simply has no trend was however. john: that peopl snd more ? >> there's more stuff in the way. john: you don't buy the scare maundering but you are worried about what? >> we have seen photographs of the polar ice cap diminishingin there are variations you could take a time frame and get a different picture but we have reached a tipping point or a turning point because we are now an a warmin now we se going toward the next stage inobody cares about that but the fact that the oceans jersey isn't 14 ches higher than 100 years ago also been rigo to greed and antarctica and we can see
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signs of increased smelting for the long term. john: in coming coastal crisis? >> actually we should slowly adjusted realize after 6,000 years of stability that sea level is going up and we need to begin planning because it will have catastrophic effects on our shores of the world. >> we have been adapting over half of the sea level rise has nothing to do with the water but the fact the only and is sinking. the 14-inch rise you hve seen in new jersey or 18 inches over 100 years years, you would not have notice that unless somebody told you that has happened down there.hkú?ñ sedintation is a slow and steady thing.
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>> key is great professional country and i have read his stuff but in miami beach there are streets that are flooded a couple during high tide a couple times per month and tires are arresting abbut getting hit with salt water. john: what do you want to do about it? >> we need to realize it is haening too slowly adjust our srelines in the architecture build up and set back to come up with technologies where they'll allow for the storms to go to the ground floors of the buildings. john: i guess you don't dispute about the melting ice in green bay and? >> certainly don't aee with antarctic that it is the largest body of ice on earth. 90 percent of the world by suzanne a startup. computer models if we believe these they actually predict it gins eyes.
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why? because the ocean warms up a a little bit there is more fast water vapor and it doesn't fall as rain b of falls as snow and the southern hemisphere ice its expanding. >> that is complicated to understand. it looks all white the east antarctic parng is growing because more moisture goes up and it comes down as no. east antarctica is getting thicker and has overcome the loss of west antarctica up until three years ago now it is losing because there are glaciers that coulddslide into the ocean within the decade to cause some catastrophes. john: we will not solve this but to either of you not drive a car or say we can do anything about this in terms of not causing global
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warming? >> i have lived through nine and of the world environmental apocalypse beginning with the silent spring and we are still here i have a feeling this will be one in a series and ocean acidification will be the reacement. >> i believe we should price carr been. john: that is not attacks? >> or also we need to get away from the subsidies like coastal flood insurance. john: i lost a beach house. i agree on that. call stupid? the government encourage me to build on the edge of a notion. >> we need to stop subsidizing and then to not have the government may pay for the building.. john:n that note john englander, chief 191 dash
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pat michaels shark attacks and killer bees how worried that can keep us safe.
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and, now, thosthat we carry with us everywhere will bring us wireless emergency alerts, with a unique sound and vibration, you'll be in the know, wherever you are.
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john: going swimming?
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are u willing to swim in the ocean and thinks in large part to that movie a lot of people are scared of sharks and every couple years the media will scare you to death. >> a shark invasion and unprovoked shark attacks are on the rise. >> be where their country. >> sharks' season? what ds that mean? it just means he spent more time in the water. is that what we have to worry about? othessuff is much more likely to hurt you. working at ripley's aquarium in toronto and helps the discovery channel produce
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shark week, a andy dehart the 30-year is silly? >> absolutelyt is unfounded the around the globe less than 100 shark bites per year on people the counter to that is we kill 73 billion sharks per year. john: and stuff to worry about you said driving to the beach is more dangerous? >> there is a lot of things more dangerous including many machines more like sending machines. john: 3500 americans drowned or beestgs killed many more people. >> making sure your kids are safe in the water or avoid being ripped currents. >> is still you got interested because you had a close encounter? >> five years old snorkeling with my dad in the florida
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keys is on the six let caribbean re shark feted as a life changg event but it was called in peaceful and i knew i wanted to work with them for my entire life >> if you have swam in florida you have been within a few feet and never knew? >> i would say most people up and down the east cst to be closer to theeshark then they realize they're now hunting people there 500 species butwhen bites to happen with people it is a case of mistaken identity they may see them on the ability board orate eight sea turtle or the sea lion. people should joy being at the beach. don't worry about the sharks john: i hope people feel better and as you have heard sharks are less likely to hurt you they and these. beestings ki between 50 and 100 americans every year
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it could get worse because the a as the dock to century as an invasion decades in the making under way in avian species staking claim to the americas, but creatures that will die rather than in retreat. >> title date we will stop th spread of the african bees. >> moving through florida headed for geoia. killer bees now number more than 1 trillion and will soon be headed your way. john: whatht are we ging to do? let's ask this man who is on the animal planet show the removal specialists, a mike mollica burger should we be scared of the killer bees? >> i would not be any more
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afraid than being struck by lightning. john: but they are investing in moving north? >> when they were released from brazil in 1957 they spread at a rate to 300 miles per year. john: and experimental went wrong? >> they were taken from africa and brought to brazil to create a better be to more resistant to the pathogens a create better honey and it was an accidental release from one of the assistance that allowed these into the of wild where they spread rapidly nooth in six states right now. john: there more dangerous because they don't is -- get discouraged and will chase you furthhr? period this is true in the measurement compared to the european honeybees isis firmly in yards but with africanized honeybees it did -- it is very it can be a
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quarter mile up to a mile. texas a&m and the diagnosis says 10 stings per pound of body weight before it is leaf gold. john: site could take 1600 stains some. john: the answer is to run away still make a very few people are killed by a killer bees? >> we wonder to her year. jo: and media isn't worried about them telling us they worry about them finishing a cris point that threatens food disaster. >> something is happening to the bees. >> every third byte is pollinated by the honeybee. >> as they cope with the mystery of the disappearing
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be. >> that the population is declining. ♪ john: days and all we're saying is give bees a chance if they are disappearing should be worried? mike is worried but from property environmental research center, wally thurman says don't wor. the demise of the honeybee has been exaggerated in with their referee to referring to is a clock --:the collapse disorder concerning beekeeper's but they have responded to disease we have more be colonies in united states today than before t colony collapse disorder hit john: they can make mre bees? how does it work? >> individual insects peace
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colony is managed by beekeepers they can split a healthy colin here take half of the bees to put them in the empty i am purchase a new queen on the market and in six weeks they he a full strength colo ready for pollination. john: but just the fact they need to do that suggests something bad is happening? you say it could be the up pesticides? that is a good thing? >> absolutely it is important to put the safety of our children aha -- in front of corporate when profit there's a lot of money with the chemicals. john: that is the scare used by that anti-chemical people for everything but without these it would cost much more there would have to use much more land and use otr insecticides that might be
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worse. >> and this seat coatings that acorn farmer would purchase that is taken up systemically. john: it is in the planter in the fruit. >> exactly it then becomes poisonous to the worms that try to eat the plt this makes the necessary the former indiscriminately spraying his field with pesticide later on so to ban those now would be a result of more application of pesticides. john: more environmental damage. thank you. next, it is fire season putting up these massive the blazes is a job but it must be done by governnt? what you thank you knnw is not so.
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♪ america's service members and veterans are strong. forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or
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communities close to home,e, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, iends, family, and communities are stanng by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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>> wildfires raging out of control right now in texas. >> already killing two people in the state of colorado. >> this is a libertarian show but even they say fighting fires as one of the few things the government must do. who will do it if not governnt? private companies. you probably don't know nearly half the people the federal government uses to fight wildfires work for private companies. it is a myth tt must be done by government and in some parts of america if your house catches fire it is a private business to put it out. how does this work? the house catches fire you put it out and send them a bill? >> k.k. a but they usually pay as they had time
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time-- subscribe to the services. john: when they buy homeowner's insurance decision not have coverage thatelps tlower the insurance rate in fact, the amount of money they save on insurance actually pays for the subscription fee plus they can pocket some. john: sometimes. if your use is worth $100,000 it is $100 per year it is a $300,00 house it is $320 per year and isaid cheaper than what other people pay in taxes? >> it is if yu look at t overall budget for doing three services of fire in the ems and security we are a lot steeper than most of the government. john: how can you be cheaper for the same work? >> we are a sufficient to
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watch how you spend your money. our board of directors is a great who has business experience and that helps us to save money. john: often pay less for a fire truck? >> yes. with one i talked with was asking simple questions would you pay for the fire truck? the next thing i know he tells me we paid $500,000. we don't pay that much we only paid 250,000. what is the difference? and extra of four or 6 inches of the cab or the air ride seats may be riding 5 miles then to right back into are paying twice? i coul have bought two
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trucks. john: space subscribe you still put the fire out if they don't and you send them the bill. do most of them pay? a guess. we are now under legal obligation in to respond but we do because we want to help. we're firefighters we want to get in there and help people. we do then rigo three billing company that sends them the bill and unfortunately that to be tens of thousands ofdollars john: it is smarter to pay upfront. >> it helps you out. john: what else to do that is more efficient? >> mostly year entrepreneurial hoe, and we're open to ideas a local company wanted to provide
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the three level of respoe we talk to themnd got their ideas we went back to headquarters in thought hell are we going to do the security end? in less tan a month we able to come back with a plan this is what it will cost and they chose to contract with us. with government usually has to go before a council commission it could take two or three months to decide if they evenant to consider it. john: they have no incentive too more work to make more money. >> we are a nonprofit. we have volunteers about 140 and that saves the taxpayers a huge amount of money. john: you may not know that most firemen in ameri are
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volunteers. >> by a one dash day are about 69 percent across the nation. john: but they like to help pele? >> they love helping people and are in it for that reason alone. john: chief, thank you. now the myth about miskitos can save you a lot of money.
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just do your laundry in cold and stick to full loads.
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auto-sleep your computers. plug your gadgets in a powerstrip and switch it off when you're done. headed out? turn back your thermostat by 10 degrees. and drive sensibly. the more energy you save, the more money you save. find other great tips at tires in flesh out your
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injun? / the transmission in chris. >> that is absolutely one of the biggest teams out there you know, what to do that because you take out the important things that make lubrication of the engine. when you flush of the additives and detergents you will have carr problems. john: this has been advertised. >> it is the assault. mosquitos ofrench fries? that is what it is but the truth is if you change your oil at the proper interval that is the correct way to it. john: increase the tire pressure. that makes sense because too little pressure to you do t bad mileage. >> you're breaking handling and performance of america doesn't handle as well? >> less tire is on the ground the correct number is
12:40 am
inside the driver's door check the pressure once a month. john: turn off the air conditioner if you can handle as. >> the newer vehicles are designed with the windows closed some heavy electric air-conditioning so does make sense to ha the windows up and it will not affect fuel economy. john: but those aero denies -- aerodynamics are so much better. and changing the oil. i would think i must do this every 3,000 miles. ♪ >> every 3,000 miles. >> every thsand miles. >> every 3,000 miles. >> every 3,000 miles is great for their pocketbooks. some vehicles have synthetic oil if you read the owner's manual it could even be
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10,000 running full synthetic oil is better for your oriole in your engine in the emissions. john: soap this soap? accusing tisch soap it takes the x o of the car used automotive products. john: all the gadgets advertised to improve the mileage 50 percent more. >> 99-point 9% is a false i have found a few that work by test them myself there are a couple additive's this is one i found that helps take the ethanol out in the works it is $4 for a container but it improves e fuel economy. john: the car makers are under pressure to get more mileage then they would jump on his back absolutely what i believe you?
12:42 am
>> i know this works a couple other products do work. john: then why don't the car companies use it? to make absolutely but the truth is they have not purchased in this yet it is a brand-new park itin line at one dash brand new market eventually they will come up with their own versioo the 99.9% are a hoax. john: will getting a tan protect yourom the sun? is a dangerous to swim have
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[school bell rings] teacher: good morning, students, and welcome to career day! i ho you're excited to hear about all the great things you can do when you grow up! ily: hi, everyone. i'm emily. i'm super exted to introduce my dad because he's my hero. when i was little, my dad was away a lot. but i was okay with that because he was doing this really important work driving ambulances in iraq. now he's home. which is great for me because i get to see him every day now. and he's still the biggest hero i know because he tel all the ambulances and the fire engines where to go to rescue people when there's an emergency. i'm so proud of him. he's awesome. he's my dad!
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>> when she does scratch will she make it worse? what attracts mosquitos? let's start with mosquito bites her if you scratch them. >> they get worse. that is the truth because when you are a bit she actually leaves supply the under the skin only females bite.
12:47 am
they leave a little saliva than the body clock set that as a foreign substance to remove that in the process histamine is the chemical that causes the redness and swelling in the characteristic bite if you scratch you now exacerbate that process all the chemicals come racing back in the chain gets worse and last longer in makes it more difficult to heal you aggravate the process. john: other myths that the have sweet blood? >> that is a myth. i don't know what suites plying isut what we do know is the art attracted to carbon dioxide and so if you breathe more rapidly or exercising or actually if you're pregnant the were likely to..thing about
12:48 am
gher content in their breath also by the hit -- by the gm board women have more body heat the and if he exercised more likely. john: if you get a base steel and that prevents a sunburn? >>, that is a myth although there is some truth that a base stand gives you the spf of fou however wateree trying to protect agains? uv damage with a skin cancer in premature easing the base than does the same thing so you are not alleviating the damage done to your skin. john: you delay the burn. >> increase in skin cancer risk. john: your eyeballs king get sunburned? to make vacation. i had a patient who came in a couple days ago i was about all day and then next
12:49 am
day i was so sensitive t light a told him they were sunbird. >> light sensitivity, extra tiering are the symptoms it is important to wear sunglasses. you really have to look on the label. john: jellyfish. they can be nasty and if you watch frrnzy rethink you know, the care. >> there is only one thing you can do you will have to pee on it. john: i have heard this. >> is a myth there is no evidence to show that peeing on the state helps at all. potentially it could
12:50 am
irritate the skin but what can work is white bigger if you so washcloth and place it on this team for about 30 minutes something about the acidity case and in activate the ingers have tried that instead. john: deals with on a full stomach? >> it is a old wives' tale perpetuated. >> it is a myth. the idea when you eat blessed is diverted to said that it did when you go into the pool thenhow does it get to the muscles that you get creance and drown with cramps progress has never been documented the american red crossas never made recommendations to wait. john: but the act of swimming the adrenaline is up the blood circulates more >> it could counteract but also if you do get a little
12:51 am
cramped it will not be so debilitating to get -- and i get out of the pool. but in the ocean it has never been documented. john: thank-you dr. peterson. does a full moon really make people crazy? and shed you buy a roach motel?
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c'mon0manp just do it,quick.ú no one's watchingp you0have to if you want to hang with0us ♪musicú the other one tooú good job
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john: often what we think we know i is not so. i looked up my years of consumer reporting and i wrote a book about it but now since then i have researchers here of this also show so the myths keep coming for example, the full moon makes people crazy. people who work in emergency rooms say we have more accidents and ation when i have a full moon. cops still be with the beautiful people are crazier but the truth is of the past 20 years dozens of studies have searched for the effect yes for the tides but no for the people. why do so many people believe that? because our memory plays tricks anr brain looks for patterns did we remember that as of the greasy ppens on the night of the
12:56 am
full moon we notice the connection there was a full moon but with the shooting on other nights were nothing happen is you for get that we remember the hit. number two cracking your knuckles is bad for the parents told me it would cause arthritis. the arthritis foundation says said the ways that you hear is the collapse of an air bubble will not hurt your he and. myth number three, do not bury your cousin is incest and your kids would be bored with the birth defects in half the states period your first cousin is a legal but there is little reason exist because hundreds of years ago that kathy church
12:57 am
campaign begins to because of the because it says none of you shall approach in the that is neither of kin but a cousin is not the air pop culture reinforces the idea the kids and cousinmay have burst defects here is a and a clip from brain beach memoirs. nine heads? the risk is maybe 2 percent higher age increases the risk much more six or 8 percent if it is an older woman and albert einstein turned out to be pretty smart 2% of all married couples are cousins. to kill roaches by a roach motel.
12:58 am
it is true but most will not check-in for every roach we see there are hundreds behind goals and just one couple can have 20,000 babies traps or erst rays make us feel we are accomplishing things because we can see them die but that does not solve thproblem. foggers which fought the house with poison gas are better killers because it carries into more hiding aces but you have to leave the house for hours. the better solution is pate it works slowly they go in and bring the poison back to the best in killed thousands of brothers and sisters every expert says it you want to kill rches the
12:59 am
bait works the best also with the aunt. some peoplere born happy. this seems to be true studies ofwins and show that some of our board happier than others and throughout life. senator john mccain is probably one of those people he said evelyn he w a prisoner of war in north vietna and sometimes tortured he had a positive outlook and was happy lot that is a good attitude to have. i would not be happy in the north vietnamese prison and some people say if we would just leave thealone david be happy but that is a myth close relationships make people happier married people are happier than singles. people who the several close friends rate themsslves happier than those who don't go make friends and enjoy
1:00 am
the full moon and mary your cousin and crack your knuckles. what you thank you know is not so. that is our show. we will see you next week. the after the show show. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us. time for you to get worked up bause while the jobless rate may be falling the types of jobs employers are adding are, well, alarming. the number of part-time worker surging. now a record high of 28 million, making up more than 3/4 of the new jobs this year. it comes more companies say they're cutting more hours because of the health care law, so is the law turning mesh into a part-time nation? hi, everybody. this is "bulls & bears." here we are. welcome to everybody. larry, you say blame the health care law for the surge in